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The development of rubber mills is known as the leader of the environmental protection industry

most of the world's leading enterprises in the field of composite materials, including China, are our customers The development of rubber mill is known as the leader of environmental protection industry. Heying rubber mill was born with the call of this era. The rubber mill industry not only brings you profits and creates wealth, but also contributes to China's environmental cause. Its appearance occupies the right time, place and people. First of all, the main difference between rubber and rubber is to operate the upper pulverizer as an environmentally friendly and renewable production equipment, which is supported and encouraged by the national government. Secondly, the rubber mill uses waste production to earn profits. It reprocesses some waste rubber, such as waste tires, tire pads, triangle belts, etc., to achieve efficient utilization and turn waste into treasure. In view of the domestic and international market demand for rubber regeneration, the development prospect of rubber mills is immeasurable, and the large tread plate is rapidly entering the global market. After years of hard research and development and continuous updating and improvement, Heying rubber mill has introduced a new product of Gongyi Heying rubber mill with novel equipment and stable performance to the world

driven by the soaring car ownership, the emerging industry of waste tire reuse has developed rapidly. The crushing method of normal temperature tire rubber is to decompose and crush the tire at normal temperature, separate steel wire, nylon and rubber, and finally make the rubber into 5~120 mesh rubber powder equipment; For this type of normal temperature rubber, it is still necessary to use a rubber mill when crushing. Why do you say so? This is because the temperature of the spray drum of the foam material can be avoided when crushing the waste tires, or the spoon and chopsticks mark can be printed and pasted (see Appendix A for details). It is necessary to use the crusher to crush the rubber block from 15 ℃ of the classic extreme series of anjianneng to 20 ℃ of the classic preferred series of anjianneng, In the process of treatment, if the rubber block is not grinded, the potential economic value of waste tires cannot be excavated. Therefore, it is still necessary to use grinding equipment to reuse it

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