The development of the hottest paper box industry

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The development of the carton industry should broaden the market

the front line of corrugated board production and the back line of carton processing in the United States, Japan and Europe are fully equipped, and there are many varieties of products processed. As the manufacturing industry pays more and more attention to the appearance of cartons, the post-processing equipment is showing double-digit growth. Therefore, the carton back processing manufacturers actively develop new processes to meet the needs of users. There are 129 carton factories in Canada, with 45 production lines, 63 carton manufacturers for back processing, more than 900 sets of processing equipment for back processing, and complete supporting facilities for processing cartons

in China, there are many small factories for the back processing of cartons, with various equipment. There are not many good equipment, and many of them are second-hand equipment. These manufacturers process cartons in a rough way, and small factories turn on and off as a matter of routine

the world carton technology is becoming more and more advanced. In order to reduce production costs and increase profits, the proportion of micro corrugated boxes in the United States has become larger and larger in the past 10 years. The structure of corrugated paper is diversified, including type A, type B, type C and type D corrugated paper. On the basis of e micro corrugated paper, they also developed F, C and N micro corrugated paper. Miniaturization of cartons has become a new development trend. The lightweight of corrugated boxes has also become a development trend. In the United States, single-sided three-layer corrugated boxes account for 89.4% of the total carton products, double-sided five layer corrugated boxes account for 9.5% and seven layer corrugated boxes only account for 1.1%. In Japan, the three-layer corrugated box accounts for 84%, and the base paper is used to develop to a lower weight

in China's corrugated box market, the double-sided five layer corrugated box accounts for 80% of the whole carton. Youhong's fully digital measurement and control system realizes the closed-loop control of force, displacement and deformation. The single-sided three-layer corrugated box accounts for 15% and the seven layer corrugated box accounts for 5%. The use of low gram weight paper began to be popularized. Compared with the lightweight cartons of the United States, Japan and Europe, our cartons are weighted. This is a serious waste of resources. If we do not change it, we will be punished one day

in order to maintain the steady development of the carton manufacturing industry, the United States imports a large amount of base paper from Canada and Mexico, processes it into cartons, and then exports it to Canada and Mexico. 60% of corrugated paper in Japan No. 2: EPS board is extremely easy to cut board for processing cartons, and the remaining 40% of corrugated board is used for manufacturing other products

the production capacity of corrugated board in China is seriously surplus, and the products are traditional cartons. There are no new products in the cutting industry, let alone exports. Naturally, there is no new way to live. This is a passive situation caused by the simplification of corrugated board in China. It should be admitted that our brains are not as good as those of foreigners. If we do not change the pattern of cartons, or do cartons on cartons, that would be tantamount to blocking the road to power

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