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The development of science and technology has led to the transfer of rights

there is a trend of power transfer in the world, mainly from the west to the East, which will drive the change of global production mode and state. Zhaochanghui, chief country risk analyst of the Export Import Bank of China, said at the symposium with the theme of 2010: looking for Teng 5, filter: flying new power

this kind of transfer mainly refers to the transfer from western countries to Asia represented by China. Especially after the financial crisis, the stable economic development of these Asian countries has made them move forward imperceptibly and take the lead in the world. This is also the reason for the right transfer such as explosion and other corrosion problems. Therefore, decarbonization will occur in the heating process

this transfer has also brought about the transfer of Western technology, which can bring impetus to technological innovation in Asia, and is likely to bring about a large-scale trend of scientific and technological innovation. It is also an important opportunity for Asia and even China. Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology in China, many enterprises have joined the tide of scientific and technological innovation. After so many years of development, China has already had its own innovation foundation and strength. China's economy is facing a major transformation of scientific and technological innovation

Yanxiang group, the sponsor of the forum, is a leader in the tide of scientific and technological innovation, leading the development of high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen and leading enterprise clusters to embark on a development path of independent innovation. This is a long-term process, as well as a process of internal and external training. The rapid growth of Chinese enterprises and the continuous transfer of Western technology will bring about a great leap in China's science and technology and even China's economy

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