The development of the hottest packaging materials

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The development of packaging materials should be innovated from green.

the development of packaging materials is developing and evolving with the development of packaging industry, science and technology, human needs and the needs of the overall development of society. Packaging materials are the material basis for the formation of commodity packaging, the carrier of all functions of commodity packaging, and the most basic element constituting the use value of commodity packaging. To study and develop packaging, we must start from this most basic element

green packaging materials are the inevitable need and product of human being's high civilization and the high development of the world economy. They came into being in the tide of the world green revolution in the voice of human beings to maintain the living environment. They are an irreversible and inevitable development trend. The computer screen of the system shows that the function of experimental torque T depends on the configuration of system accessories. Therefore, it is of great significance to study, master and develop it carefully for the benefit of mankind

back in the primitive period, humans have used unprocessed or roughly processed natural materials as packaging materials or containers. For example, animal leather is used to make leather bags, clay fired pottery is used to make containers, rattan and bamboo are used to make baskets, and wood is used to make wooden boxes and barrels. At this time, Longyan city will build one of the six major rare earth functional material bases nationwide nbsp; During the period of strengthening the rare earth industry, the packaging is characterized by the fact that the materials are taken from pure nature, and the processing is limited to manual production by physical means

with the rise of industry, people began to use some industrial products as packaging materials, such as paper, metal plate, glass, etc. through processing, the materials directly became packaging bodies and containers. The characteristic of this stage is that the materials are obtained from nature but processed. For example, paper is made of wood, reed, etc. into pulp, then bleached, filtered and pressed into paper, while glass and metal are made of mining stone, smelting, and then further processed into wood. The processing method is industrial production

the development of chemical synthesis Science in the 1960s made synthetic materials emerge in endlessly, so a large number of plastic materials were used for packaging. Since then, an obvious dividing line has been formed, the complete naturalization of packaging materials has been ended, the development of enterprises producing packaging materials in industrialization has been promoted, and the pattern of four modern packaging pillar materials, namely paper, glass, metal and plastic, has been created. The characteristic of this stage is that the raw materials are from nature, but after deep processing or further synthesis, they become usable packaging materials. The processing and manufacturing mode is completely a modern large-scale industrial production mode

with the rapid development of the packaging industry, the packaging materials are rich and colorful, and plastic packaging accounts for a considerable proportion. Therefore, there are more and more packaging wastes and garbage, which are difficult to control, polluting the environment and endangering people's health. So a worldwide green revolution broke out. Green packaging started in 1987 with the characteristics of the United Nations Environment and development experimental machine. The pipeline pressure is in the "our common future" of the pressure testing equipment platform Committee, which is also known as friends of the environment packaging and ecological packaging. It refers to the packaging materials that are harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be recycled, recycled and degradable

the research and development of green packaging has risen all over the world and achieved remarkable results in a short time. Such as the emergence of photodegradable and biodegradable materials, natural fiber, natural shell filled degradable materials and biosynthetic materials have emerged one after another. Further promote the development of green packaging. This stage is characterized by the use of advanced science and technology to combine natural raw materials with synthetic raw materials to make packaging materials. This material does not pollute the environment, can be recycled, and can also be degraded to return to nature. This is the product of the high-tech era

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