Operation manual and working principle of the hott

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Operation manual and working principle of compound crusher

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composite crushers have great potential in crushing equipment, and Henan Yuhui crushers are also developing more and more smoothly in the market. Crusher series include: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, ring hammer crusher, fine crusher, impact crusher, counter roll crusher, toothed roll crusher, coal gangue crusher, composite crusher and other crushing series. Today, Yuhui will make a composite crusher for you Brief introduction of:

composite crusher, referred to as composite crusher and composite crusher for short, is one of the commonly used equipment in stone production line and sand production line. The compound crusher is a non screen, adjustable fine crusher and fine crushing equipment optimized and designed by Yuhui mine on the basis of absorbing advanced fine crushing equipment at home and abroad. It can be widely used in the fine crushing of raw materials and clinker in cement plants. At the same time, it can also be used in the fine crushing of dolomite, pyrogem, lead-zinc ore, serpentine, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, phosphate rock and other medium hardness materials with small tonnage, It is especially suitable for the regular replacement of oil absorption filters and the processing and crushing of filter elements of artificial sand such as hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt, etc. or highway pavement stones

working characteristics of composite crusher:

(1) the structure is simple and reasonable, and the development history of operation instrumentation industry is low cost. Using the principle of stone striking stone, the wear is small

(2) high crushing rate and energy saving

(3) it has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding

(4) it is less affected by the moisture content of the material, and the moisture content can reach about 8%

(5) the working noise is lower than 75 dB (DB level), and the dust pollution is less

(6) suitable for crushing medium hard and extra hard materials

(7) the product is cubic, with high bulk density and minimal iron pollution

(8) the impeller self liner has small wear and convenient maintenance

source: Henan Yuhui sand making equipment Co., Ltd

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