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Operation instructions for coil electroplating line system treatment

3. Add tap water to the required position after cleaning, and heat it to above 50 ℃

4. Add the calculated amount of c-210, test and analyze after adding, and make appropriate adjustments according to the low effect of the fruit

3.4 electrolytic polishing (pickling):

3.4.1 treatment cycle

2L of industrial sulfuric acid is added for every 1.5KK ~ 2KK production (Note: before adding, discharge 1/4 volume of bath liquid first, and then add 10% diluted sulfuric acid prepared in advance with the same volume), and replace it once for continuous production of 18 ~ 24kk

3.5 copper plating

3.5.1 treatment cycle and method in the process of copper production before and after, the cotton core is installed in the filter for continuous filtration. 3 ~ 5g/l C powder is used to stir and circulate every 500 ~ 700kk of production, and the carbon core is used to filter it after 30 minutes. It is replaced by the system group after weak electrolysis to effectively ensure the accuracy of the experimental results; Production line, and add materials according to the test results

3.6 cupric acid

3.6.1 system treatment cycle

for every 700 ~ 900kk produced, H2O2 and carbon powder are used for combined treatment once

3.6.2 treatment method:

when the original tank liquid is heated to 40 ℃, add 3 ~ 5ml/l of 30% hydrogen peroxide under stirring, continue stirring, and raise the temperature to above 60 ℃. After holding for 4 hours, add 3 ~ 5g/l of activated carbon powder, turn off the pump after stirring for 0.5 hours, and filter it after standing for 4 hours. Then install the anode and use W-shaped iron wire for weak electrolysis for 12 hours

3.6.3 after the treatment is completed, the system team will debug the hatch slice of the bath solution and try to plating. The support of the try plating can be replaced to the production line only after it is inspected as qualified by the leader of the quality inspection team

3.7 nickel cylinder

3.7.1 system processing cycle

H2O2 plus carbon powder is used for every 700 ~ 900kk production

3.7.2 treatment method:

the diameter is similar to that of grade 2 reinforcement.

use dilute sulfuric acid to reduce the pH value to about 3.0, cool it to room temperature, add 3 ~ 5ml/l 30% hydrogen peroxide under stirring, heat it up to 60 ℃ while stirring, and keep it above 60 ℃ for 2 hours, add 3 ~ 5g/l active carbon powder while stirring, turn off the pump after stirring for 0.5 hours, precipitate it for 4 hours, filter it, adjust the pH process range, and then install the anode and electrolyze it with W-shaped iron wire 10A current for 12 hours

3.7.3 after the treatment is completed, the system team should adjust the hatch film of the bath solution, and add the raw material trial plating according to the test results. The trial plating products can be replaced to the production line only after they are inspected as qualified by the quality inspection team leader

3.8 pre silver

3.8.1 processing cycle: replace every 500 ~ 700kk

3.8.2 filter with cotton core and carbon core for a long time in the production process

3.9 thick silver

3.9.1 treatment cycle: H2O2 plus carbon powder is used for every 1000 ~ 1500kk of production

3.9.2 carbon core treatment: put carbon cores into the filter and filter back and forth for four times

3.9.3 carbon powder treatment: add 3 ~ 5g/l carbon powder into the tank liquid, manually stir it with a plastic rod for more than 15 minutes, then cycle it with a circulating pump for 2 hours, and then precipitate it for 8 hours. Filter it with a filter machine with a carbon core wrapped with filter paper. Clean the carbon core every time you filter, and replace the filter paper until the tank liquid is clear

3.9.4 combined treatment of hydrogen peroxide and carbon powder: take out the crushed sample volume according to the silver tank liquid to be treated, calculate the amount of hydrogen peroxide at 5 ~ 6ml/l, pour the calculated amount of hydrogen peroxide into the same volume of deionized water to prepare liquid a, calculate the amount of carbon powder at 3g/l, and mix it into a paste with ionic water for use. Slowly pour liquid a into the tank liquid under continuous stirring, and continue to stir for 30 minutes. Then, heat the tank liquid to (55 ~ 60) ℃ and stir it. When the tank liquid is cooled to below 45 ℃, add paste carbon powder into the tank liquid, and use a filter (remove the cotton core) to circulate and stir for 1 hour. After sedimentation for 2 hours, put the carbon core wrapped with filter paper into the filter for filtration. Clean the carbon core every time you filter until the tank liquid is clear Sample and analyze [ag+] and KCN, and add them to the process scope according to the analysis According to Hull cell test, add 3K and ty additives appropriately, and then try plating

3.10 protective water

3.10.1 replacement cycle:

replace it every 180 ~ 240kk of production, clean the working tank, add pure water to the liquid storage tank, raise the temperature to the required temperature, add the required protective water concentration according to the process requirements, and replace the cotton core

3.11 precautions

3.11.1 after each processing, the system processing team shall make records and have them confirmed and signed by the production line leader and LQC on duty

3.11.2 handle with care and pay attention to safety

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