Operation of downstream switch panel of the hottes

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Operation of PC downstream switch panel

switch panel is not unfamiliar to us. Ordinary panel switches and sockets are often divided into three main types according to size and other aspects: 86, 12O and 118 national standards. The specification of 86 type wall switch socket series is generally 86mm * 86mm square. Type 120 switches and sockets are from Japan. At present, they are common among manufacturers in Zhejiang and Taiwan. The most common module of Type 120 switches is based on 1/3. The standard specification of a vertical installation is: 120mm * 74mm, which is a rectangular panel with vertical buttons if these dust enters the hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine. 118 type switch socket is the most common in Hubei and Chongqing

in terms of raw material selection, PC is the best material selected for switches and sockets of regular brands, followed by nylon 66, Dianyu powder, ABS and other materials. PC is polycarbonate, also known as bulletproof glue. Compared with other materials, first, it has a very delicate feel, a more textured touch, and a good brightness. Secondly, it has strong impact resistance. It is said that the high-quality PC shell can't crack even if it is hit with a hammer. Third, the panel made of PC also has the advantages of heat resistance and aging resistance. It is not easy to deform even in a high temperature environment. In particular, it has a very good resistance to ultraviolet light and will not change color after long-term use. The most important thing is that PC has outstanding flame retardancy and can withstand the ablation of arc for a long time. In short, PC is excellent in heat resistance, flame retardancy and impact resistance, so it is also the first choice of switch panel materials

in view of the current poor sales situation of the PC raw material market contracted by Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. this year, zhuochuang investigated some switch panel factories. Among them, it was learned from a large electrical appliance company in Foshan that the 50mm wide edges were overlapped evenly. Due to the stability of old customers, sound domestic sales points and high brand awareness, the sales of switch panels of this enterprise remained stable as a whole this year, but the increase of new orders was general compared with previous years. On the one hand, its sales are related to the real estate market. On the other hand, relevant personnel said that agents may be more cautious in picking up goods due to financial pressure than in previous years. Since November, the production situation of the enterprise has been stable, but considering the decline of the PC raw material market, the enterprise also said that it would build a warehouse before the year or an appropriate amount, because at the end of previous years, the enterprise would often have promotional and preferential purchase activities for agents, but the specific situation of this year remains to be seen, and it is necessary to pay attention to the feedback of downstream customers

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