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Work instructions for warehousing of engineering materials

after the acceptance of materials, the warehousing work is done well, which lays a foundation for the smooth progress of material storage, and can ensure that the material software entering the warehouse can be connected with the notebook, with accurate quantity and reliable quality

1.0 make preparations before warehousing and plan the warehouse reasonably

1.1 convenient transportation is required to facilitate the transportation and loading and unloading of materials, close to the roadside as far as possible, and do not affect the overall planning

1.2 the terrain is required to be high and flat, which is convenient for drainage, flood control, ventilation and moisture-proof

1.3 oil depots, oxygen, acetylene and other dangerous goods warehouses should be kept at a certain distance from general warehouses, as well as from civilian houses or temporary sheds

compared with hydraulic experimental machine 1.4 reasonably arrange water and electricity supply facilities, and reasonably determine the area of the warehouse and corresponding facilities

2.0 operation procedure:

2.1 after the materials purchased by the material purchasing personnel pass the inspection and are free of errors, the acceptance and warehousing procedures shall be handled, and the purchasing personnel shall write the acceptance and warehousing form, which shall be accepted by the warehouse keeper

2.2 the material acceptance and warehousing form shall be registered by the keeper on the material warehousing and warehousing registration form in chronological order; The first copy is used as the registration certificate, which is sorted out and sealed on a monthly basis and kept for more than three years for inspection. The second copy is the financial accounting voucher, the third copy is the buyer's reimbursement voucher, and the fourth copy is kept by the planner for inspection

2.3 the materials accepted and warehoused shall be stacked in the warehouse according to the order of variety, specification, model, material and purpose, and shall be marked in detail

2.4 glass, ceramics and fragile materials should be handled with care when entering the warehouse

2.5 when dangerous goods such as oil, oxygen and acetylene are warehoused and unloaded, the keeper should carefully watch the experimental force that the fixture can bear, which is a very important indicator that is destined to expand the fixture of the foam granulator. In order to prevent accidents, the keeper should suspend the issuance of materials

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