Operation instructions for the hottest cable cover

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Cable cover work instructions

4 Enron risk discrimination and pre control

4.1 before the cable cover work, the construction project department will carry out a targeted Enron risk assessment task according to the work task and construction premise of the project and with reference to the "Enron benchmark Risk Guide for electrical support construction" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide"), which constitutes the risk analysis of the task

4.2 according to the "electric gel has so many strange characteristics to support Enron construction work ticket" (Code: dltj-/01), which is related to the cable cover work in the guide ,

contact the actual environment on site to stop differential analysis and confirm the risk grade. The on-site technician fills in the Enron construction work ticket, which is reviewed by the Enron staff and signed and issued by the construction person in charge

4.3 construction responsibility 6. After the experiment of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is completed, the software will automatically stop checking the risk control measures, and stop the Enron disclosure to all homework staff at the daily station class meeting. The homework staff who takes over the disclosure will be responsible for implementing the Enron measures into all homework tasks and steps

4.4 the Enron construction work ticket is held by the construction person on site. When the task content and address are stable, it can be used continuously for 10 days. If it exceeds 10 days, it is necessary to do some work again. 5 The cement mortar vibrating platform ticket shall be submitted to the project department for storage for future reference after the task is completed

table 4.1 homework task Enron benchmark risk guide

1 The safety protective cover of the rotating part of the machine itself should be complete

2. In case of twists and turns, the reinforcement should be close to the position where the baffle plug is placed and the target of the reverse rotation target should be accurate

3. When bending the long reinforcement, someone should lift it and stand outside the target of the bending mark of the reinforcement

4. When the steel bar falls, it should be prevented from collision. When changing the plug, refueling and cleaning, it must be stopped and left behind again.

the thermal insulation performance of this foam is also very good. 1 The material can be broken in front of the normal operation of the machine. The distance between the hand and the knife edge shall not be less than 15cm when the material is broken. It is strictly forbidden to feed when the movable blade advances

2. The blocking reinforcement shall not exceed the mechanical load energy

3. When cutting long reinforcement, someone should lift it. During operation, different measures should be taken. Cutting short reinforcement should use casing or pliers to clamp materials, and it is not allowed to use fingers to pick up and send materials

4. A feeding platform shall be set next to the cutting machine. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to directly cut off the short ends and sundries around the knife edge by hand. Within the swing range of the reinforcement and around the knife edge, non operators are not allowed to stay

according to the appropriate relevant requirements of the tools, instruments and machinery used in the field environment. Instruments and meters can only be used after being checked and qualified by talented units and within the validity period of testing

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