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Hebei Urban Environment Project Handan West Sewage Treatment

Hebei Urban Environment Project Handan West Sewage Treatment

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bidding No.: cmc011105

details: 1. The government of the people's Republic of China has obtained a loan from the world bank for the construction of Hebei Urban Environment Project Handan West sewage treatment project, Part of the loan funds will be used for the qualified payment of the western main sewage pipe strengthening project under the Handan West sewage treatment project. All qualified bidders specified in the current "procurement guidelines" issued by the world bank may participate in the bidding

2. As the bidding agent of the owner, China Machinery International Tendering Corporation now invites bidders to make sealed bids to provide necessary labor services for the construction of the following projects, and convert these signals into numerical values for transmission to computer materials, construction machinery and services. The background of the speech of the project was reported by many media before, and the main contents were: Tiexi street, Lingnan Road, resin factory South Road, Lianfang Road, Qianjin Street, Fuxing Road Sewage pipeline works with a total length of 23.824 kilometers at Baijia street, Guanghua Street, Renmin Road, Baihua street, etc

3. The bidding documents are sold in Hebei Office of China Machinery International Tendering Corporation, room 111, floor 1, No. 99, West Second Ring Road South, Shijiazhuang (if the electricity is to protect profit space:), and each set is charged RMB 1900 (including 17% value-added tax), which is non refundable after sales. If you need to mail, there will be an additional mailing fee of 300 yuan per copy. Interested bidders may request further information at this location

4. All bids shall be prepared in Chinese, one original and four copies, and shall be accompanied by a bid security of not less than 2% of the bid price. The bid security shall be in the form accepted by the bid inviter. The bid must be delivered to the following address before 15:00 on August 15, 2001 (Beijing time): Mercury Hotel, No. 154, northwest street, Handan City, Hebei Province

5. The bid will be opened publicly at the above address at 15:00 on August 15, 2001 (Beijing time), and the bidder's representative can attend

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