The hottest upstream is deeply in the price boom,

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The upstream is deeply in the price boom, but led screen enterprises are brewing a "price war"

since the beginning of 2017, the price of raw materials in the LED display industry has been rising as expected by the industry before the year, especially in mid February. Since March, the price rise and shortage of raw materials have become increasingly fierce. According to the analysis of industry insiders, the price of PCB and other raw materials will continue to rise after the two sessions

the round by round price rise of upstream raw materials is no longer "" in the second half of 2016, when the maintenance and protection industry of steel bar zigzag testing machine, which is the popularization of the knowledge of gold testing machine, experienced the baptism of "price rise", some industry insiders have expressed that the price rise trend of the next terminal LED display screen products is promising. Theoretically speaking, whether from the perspective of the industry or the perspective of users, The rise of raw materials will inevitably increase the cost pressure of downstream LED display enterprises. A reasonable price rise is undoubtedly the best way to transfer the pressure. After 2017, in addition to paying attention to the news of the rise of raw material prices, we are also paying attention to the actions of downstream screen enterprises, I didn't think that the materials would be tested to ensure that the products were produced according to the expected results. Long after lestern said: "2015 is a very successful and pleasant year, and d-screen enterprises can usher in a rational wave of price increases. Especially in March, a screen enterprise fired the first shot of price increases for LED display enterprises in the beginning of the year, announcing that its door series: single red, single white, single green, single blue, and colorful red collectively increased by 3 yuan a piece. It is estimated that many people sat and waited for this downward trend of price increases to become more violent. However, at this time, the" price reduction "of screen enterprises came out one after another." In the current environment of soaring raw materials, the price trend of downstream screen enterprises, said: I really don't understand the test method of fatigue testing machine

downstream screen enterprises have successively announced price cuts

first of all, in February 2017, instead of waiting for the news of the price rise of downstream screen enterprises, the leading enterprise abison announced that it would launch 12 products successively in the first quarter, and the product price would drop by 22%, as well as the news that its D2, H3 and other five standard products would fully implement "zero down payment"

immediately after March, a reliable source said that the current screen enterprises represented by channel wholesale have successively announced price reductions, and some of them have not reduced their prices much, even 10% of them! It seems to be serious

generally speaking, either the market is bad and needs to reduce prices to stimulate the market, or enterprises need to expand the scope of the market and compete for the market by reducing prices, or it is a chain reaction of scale effect - you can only reduce the price with me. From the current situation of industry development, small spacing/VR/3D and other technologies are developing in full swing, and commercial display, leasing and other markets are rising, which is definitely not caused by the poor LED display market. In fact, with the current LED display technology deepening and maturing, and the industry integration intensifying, and the rising price of raw materials, this is indeed a good opportunity for some powerful screen enterprises to "go to a higher level", because they have more capital, energy, channels and other support, so that they can further expand their own market while reducing prices and making profits to customers, so as to optimize their own industrial chain, Create greater value for customers

on the other hand, the price reduction of downstream strong screen enterprises has also prompted more small and medium-sized screen enterprises to constantly optimize their own production capacity, technology, channel construction and supply chain. As we all know, the current industry situation of "the big one is Evergrande, the strong one is Evergrande" makes many small and medium-sized LED screen enterprises prefer to absorb the pressure of raw material price increases, rather than easily raise prices. They are already gritting their teeth and struggling. If this set of "price reduction combination fist" comes down, is it not a fatal rhythm? If we don't carry out comprehensive upgrading from research and development, production to sales, I'm afraid it will be "bad luck"

of course, all this is based on the premise of "benign price competition". It is a good prediction of the current price reduction trend, whether it is the price rise of upstream raw materials or the price reduction of downstream screen enterprises. What makes me feel the most comforting is that with the price reduction storm of downstream screen enterprises, screen enterprises pay more attention to product quality, and even many screen enterprises spread the news of product upgrading and industrial chain optimization, It seems that everyone still has fresh memories of the bitter fruit caused by the previous "vicious price war", and has not forgotten the "hoop curse" on the head of the screen enterprise of product quality! I also hope that no matter whether the price war is upgraded or not, everyone can make it a priority to maintain product quality

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