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During the Spring Festival, the "Lantern Festival theme light show"

will be staged in Binhai square. The "one belt and five pieces" landscape lighting project, led by the Municipal Urban Management Bureau and jointly implemented by the two levels of the urban area, has presented a new Spring Festival gift to Yantai citizens, which is further accelerating the internationalization, and has received great attention from the general public, A number of media at or above the provincial level, including CCTV LianBo, competed to report, further promoting the city image of "Wonderland coast, delicious Yantai"

the Lantern Festival is coming on the 15th day of the first month. In order to meet the needs of citizens to go out of their homes and enjoy the moon and lights, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau recently upgraded the landscape lighting project and specially produced a landscape lighting show with the theme of Lantern Festival. The lighting show is mainly red and red. In addition to the special elements of Spring Festival and lantern festival such as firecrackers, Fu characters and Lantern Festival, it also absorbs the special culture of fishing lanterns and Kongming lanterns in coastal cities. In particular, the dragon and lion dance scene in Haiyang Yangko is displayed between high-rise buildings through landscape lights, which is full of shock and technology

since the Spring Festival, many citizens have also put forward some opinions and suggestions on the landscape lighting project. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau said that the problem of the lack of standards for some materials and products has been effectively solved. Due to the tight time and heavy tasks, the landscape lighting project does have some situations that need to be improved. The construction unit is debugging and rectifying every day, and will focus on the rectification and improvement in the later stage, so as to ensure that unless it is absolutely necessary to achieve the best state, Thank you for your concern

remind the general public that the light on the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month is from 18:00 to 24:00. Please arrange the light viewing time reasonably, abide by the traffic rules and the order of the square, put safety first, and avoid safety accidents such as congestion

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