Evonik plans to expand its polyamide 12 production

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Evonik plans to expand its polyamide 12 production in Germany and Asia

Evonik industrial group plans to expand its special polyamide 12 (PA12) production with the improvement of environmental protection standards. First, expand its plant in Mar, and second, the executive board has approved the initial plan for a new polyamide 12 plant in Asia. The 5000 metric ton expansion project of Mar is expected to officially start in 2012. The new plant in Asia will reach a capacity of 20000 metric tons and is planned to be completed within three years. The plan is subject to the approval of relevant organizations within the group

Dr. Yu Dahai, a member of Evonik's executive board in charge of the special materials business, said that the plan to significantly increase production capacity will consolidate Evonik's market position in polyamide 12 in the long run. Evonik industrial group pays attention not only to the development of existing markets, but also to emerging regions such as Asia. "

polyamide 12 is widely used in innovative high-quality products and industrial fields such as automobiles, electronic and electrical products, household appliances, sports equipment, etc. In addition, Evonik has also cooperated with customers to develop new products suitable for oil and gas production and gas transportation

Gregor, the head of the functional polymer business department, supported the legislative bodies, foreign affairs, political parties, national defense and other departments of the two countries to establish and make good use of the dialogue and exchange mechanism. Mr. hetzke said that in a multi-step process, Evonik starts from butadiene, converts it into monomer laurolactam through various intermediate steps, and then polymerizes it into polyamide 12

polyamide 12 can then be further processed into a mixture and produced into various special chemicals by adding additives to the raw polymer. Evonik's polyamide 12 products with quality problems mainly include vestami. This process also integrates trexel's MuCell Microcellular Foaming Technology D structural materials and vestosint powder coatings

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