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The investigation of indoor air quality in cities in the Yangtze River Basin was launched in Shanghai

recently, the 2011 investigation of indoor air quality in cities in the Yangtze River Basin was officially launched in Shanghai by the indoor environment and health branch of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences, the school of Architecture of Tsinghua University, the school of environmental science and engineering of Peking University, the climate organization, Landsea group and the people

because China has not established a pollution level identification system for indoor building materials and furniture, and the research on low emission building materials is also insufficient, it has been difficult to effectively solve the pollution of a large number of organic volatile compounds (VOCs) released by adhesives, coatings and paints used in the extended model yyu/25 (5) 0 in the process of indoor building materials, furniture and decoration in China, Staying indoors for a long time and inhaling air containing a variety of pollutants will seriously induce allergic dermatitis, asthma and other symptoms, and even more serious may lead to cancer, teratogenesis and mutagenesis

professor zhangyinping, vice president of the indoor environment and health branch of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences, said that compared with the awareness and prevention awareness of outdoor air pollution, people still pay low attention to indoor air quality. Due to the aggravation of external environmental pollution and the expansion of family decoration demand, the indoor air quality problems of urban housing have become increasingly prominent, and caused serious problems such as respiratory diseases and infant leukemia. This survey hopes to use a public welfare activity with wide influence to reflect the current situation of the problem, improve the attention of the whole society to the indoor air environment, and guide the public to choose a greener and healthier lifestyle

Tian Ming, chairman of Landsea group, said that how to make Chinese people have a healthier and more comfortable green living environment is a long-term topic that requires the joint efforts of academia, government and enterprises. This time it's in the long poem style: A, D and ω With "2.1", the special survey on green human settlements was launched for the second time. This public welfare survey series will continue for a long time. It will be carried out every year in a certain aspect of human settlements, and become an authoritative guide to promote the research and practice of green human settlements in China

it is understood that this survey lasted for two and a half months, and the survey was carried out in three ways: network questionnaire, field questionnaire and air sample collection. The final "2011 report on Urban Indoor Air Quality in the Yangtze River Basin" has certain academic value and practical guiding significance. The organizers will hold popular science exhibitions on indoor air quality prevention and control in Chengdu, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other cities. At that time, authoritative experts will also hold public lectures for local citizens

it is worth mentioning that during this event, the organizer will distribute free air "green tubes" to 1400 families. Residents who receive this special air collection equipment can receive the domestic indoor air detection service provided by the building environment detection center of Tsinghua University for free

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