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In September, 2018, the world's leading tire manufacturer Jiatong tire announced the launch of its Jiaan brand passenger car tires. Jiaan tire will share the globally integrated technology research and development and production process with the Jiatong brand in a dual brand strategy. Its products include Jiaan PS20 and ps21 suitable for cars, Applicable to Su, our jaw ensures absolute reliability. V Jiaan px50 and light passenger tire Jiaan pv600

it is understood that the new jia'an tire is positioned to be economical and practical, with strong wear resistance as the first element. With the full launch of the product, how about the use effect? What are the highlights of the brand product? China tire business () has done a detailed test on jia'an PS20. Let's have a look

I. tire introduction

according to the official introduction of Jiatong, jia'an PS20 is a safe and comfortable tire for class A and B cars, and its size and specifications cover the replacement tire requirements of mainstream models on the market. Take a look at the following adaptation table, which not only covers a wide range of specifications, but also includes high, medium and low-end models. It can be said to be a real "adaptive" tire, which is very consistent with the characteristics of Jiatong. In addition, according to our understanding, the price of the new brand is also very good. It is speculated that jia'an series will also continue the high cost performance route

in this test, the tire specification we selected is 205/60 R16. As for your question, why don't you use a lot of models and choose this one? The answer is that our test brother is a typical urban white-collar worker. For him, a comfortable and stable sense of control is a major pursuit of daily life; The data of auto Superman, an e-commerce platform, also shows that more than half of car owners prefer comfortable tires. It happens that our test model can adapt to this 205/60 R16, so the high flat ratio specification naturally becomes our first choice

II. Pattern analysis

as the main safe and comfortable tire, the PS20 focuses on the dry wetland grip performance, while not forgetting to take into account the mute effect. Through the tire pattern, we can understand the intentions of jia'an tire in this regard

drainage ditch:

looking at this tire from a close distance, the first feeling is that the four deep and bottomless longitudinal electromechanical drive the screw rod to change the drainage ditch through the reducer and other 1-series transmission head mechanism, and the intention of focusing on the drainage performance of wetlands is very obvious. The open drainage channel and the through horizontal pattern design adopted by the inner and outer shoulders further confirm our judgment that everything is designed to speed up the drainage speed and ensure the normal driving of the car on wet and slippery roads

pattern block:

when the car is driving, the pattern block collides with the road to produce a certain amount of tire noise. The magnitude of this kind of noise is related to the length, width and shape of the tire pattern groove. When the sound waves generated by different pattern blocks gather together, the phenomenon of enhancement or cancellation will occur. PS20 adopts multi pitch staggering arrangement of pattern blocks. Through phase adjustment, the peak value of pattern impact noise can be reduced, so as to achieve the mute effect

as we all know, when the car is driving, the friction between the tire and the road surface will inevitably produce tire noise, especially for certain types of tires, which often makes the owners who are depressed and "just want to be quiet" even more angry. How to solve this problem? We can't lay cotton on the road, but the good thing is that we can lay patterns on the tires: using the physical law that the sound waves generated by different pattern blocks will offset or enhance, we can offset the noise as much as possible by adjusting the length, width and shape of the pattern grooves. In this regard, jia'an PS20 implements the guidance of the above scientific ideas, adopts multi pitch staggering arrangement of pattern blocks, and reduces the peak value of pattern impact noise through phase adjustment, so as to achieve the mute effect

transverse pattern:

the transverse pattern of jia'an tire is worth mentioning. The transverse tread section of the tire is connected with the drainage ditch, and the 3D chamfer design is also adopted, which can effectively prevent the problem of curling or edge falling of the tread block in the braking process, widen the tire ground, increase the friction, and at the same time, the edge of the tread can scrape off the water film, which can effectively shorten the braking distance in the wetland. Focus on the big picture and start small. This seemingly inconspicuous little detail has won the most praise in our testing process

III. parameter structure

1 Carcass structure:

the tread of the tire is composed of two layers of polyester fiber, two layers of steel belt and one layer of nylon covering layer. The sidewall is made of two layers of polyester fiber cord. The high-strength double-layer carcass structure makes the tire more impact resistant

2. Wear resistance index:

wear resistance index is usually between. The higher the value is, the more wear-resistant it is, and the driving mileage will be correspondingly longer. The wear index (tread wear) of PS20 is 420, which is relatively high and tends to wear

IV. static test

it is said that the longitudinal groove of this tire has a deep appearance. How deep is it? A survey found that the depth of the middle drainage ditch reached 9.38mm, increasing the drainage of the wetland to ensure sufficient friction. At the same time, the deepening of the checkered ditch can also increase the wear volume and achieve a longer service life

as for hardness, the measured crown hardness is 58ha and the sidewall hardness is 53ha. The soft tread formula weakens the grounding impact, which is conducive to reducing tire noise and ensuring comfort

v. dynamic test

the items of tire dynamic test include the following five items: km/h dry ground acceleration time, 100km/h-0 dry wetland braking distance, 18m equidistant limit pile around data, vehicle interior noise level, etc., to test the dynamic performance and driving experience of this tire. The test site is a common asphalt road in the urban area

test environment

during the test, the same project is tested on the same site. The tester, environment, temperature, etc. should be consistent as much as possible to reduce unnecessary uncertainties. The weather on the test day is sunny, the air temperature is about 27.5 degrees Celsius, and the ground temperature is about 34.3 degrees Celsius

test model

Mazda onxeira 2014 1.5L automatic luxury version, the vehicle mileage during the test was 70500km, and the vehicle condition was normal

tire change

1. Km/h dry ground plus is used to detect the rubber speed test on the front suspension system of the cab

km/h acceleration is the test of the longitudinal grip of the tire. The better the grip, the shorter the acceleration time. During the test, use gear d, turn off the traction assistance and body stability system, use the ejection starting method to accelerate, and conduct five tests, and take the best group

The best result of

km/h dry acceleration is 13.05s. At the same time, the tire did not slip during the starting process, which shows that the PS20 has good dry grip performance and safety

2, km/h dry braking test

100km/H-0 braking distance is an important standard to measure the braking force of vehicles. Under certain road conditions, tires play an important role

when the speed reaches 100km/h+, slam on the brake until it stops. After five tests, the optimal braking distance is 39.95m, successfully reaching the 40 meter mark, and the braking safety performance is highly praised

3. Km/h wetland braking test

also accelerate the vehicle to 80km/h, and then brake on the wetland with all your strength until the vehicle stops. Carry out five tests, and take the best one. The measured braking distance of km/h wetland is 25.5m

4. Pile around test

shows that the automotive industry accounts for a considerable proportion of carbon emissions.

limit pile around mainly focuses on the dry grip and lateral support of tires. If there is an emergency lane change during fast driving, tires will play a very important role

the feeling of walking around the pile for 18 meters on dry land is: stability. Even if the spacing of each pile is shortened to meters, under the strong centrifugal force, the tread is still firmly close to the ground, and the running track is always controllable. Similarly, the pile wrapping on the wetland still maintains good controllability

5. Noise test

the noise of oncella is so distinctive that many car owners (including us who drive by ourselves) can't love it. Wind noise, road noise, engine noise and the roar of the whole journey have a great impact on their mood. After changing the tire, we obviously felt quiet. The actual measurement found that the noise inside the car at 60km/h was 63.1db, and the noise inside the car at 80km/h was 66.5db, which was almost negligible

at the end of the test project, observe the tire wear. Under such a high-intensity test, there is basically no problem with the tread. It can be seen that PS20 has a very good balance between comfort and wear resistance


after testing, jia'an tire continues the characteristics of Jiatong's high practicality as always. It can be operated freely in dry wetlands, turning at a high speed without skidding, and has both quiet comfort. Afterwards, the owner said that the vehicle after the test was still running smoothly, and the handling feeling was improved. The excellent comfort brought him a lot of "small happiness" for his daily travel, and gave a positive evaluation of this new jia'an product

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