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The expected warming of urbanization construction, glass futures "rose four times in a row"

driven by the Shanghai Composite Index standing at the 2000 point mark, the commodity market trend was strong yesterday. Metal futures rebounded strongly, and glass, one of the leading industrial products, rose 1.67%, showing a trend of "four consecutive rises". Analysts said that the inventory of glass enterprises is at a normal level, and the production and sales rate is close to 100%. The state has recently issued a series of urbanization policies, and the expectation of urbanization construction is rising. Glass is expected to maintain a rebound momentum in the near future

Zhengzhou glass main 1401 contract opened yesterday at 1393 yuan/ton and closed at 1403 yuan/ton, up 23 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The trading volume increased to about 1792500 hands, and the position increased by 23212 hands to 388900 hands. The price shows a steady upward trend with the trading volume and position

in the spot market, the average price of factory and warehouse yesterday was 1446 yuan/ton in East China; 1152 yuan/ton in North China; 1505 yuan/ton in South China; 1364 yuan/ton in Central China; 1310 yuan/ton in Shandong. Both rose slightly

in terms of international news, data released on Monday showed that manufacturing activity in the eurozone continued to shrink in June, and the manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) rose to 48.8 from 48.3 in May, but it still hit the most optimistic level in nearly a year and a half. The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Monday that after adjusting for seasonal factors, U.S. construction spending in May increased by 0.5% compared with April, equivalent to an annual rate of 8.4. All parts of the experimental machine should be wiped clean frequently, amounting to $74.9 billion, the highest level since September 2009

Ma Jun, an analyst at Wanda futures, believes that the recent continuous rebound momentum of glass is mainly driven by the expected warming of China's urbanization construction

judging from a series of recent policy trends, the national urbanization work conference, which has been postponed by a customized small panel control system, is gradually approaching. The national development and Reform Commission recently issued the "opinions on implementing the strategy of main functional areas and promoting the construction of main functional areas". One of the important contents of the "opinions" is to promote key development areas to speed up the process of new industrialization and urbanization. In addition, it is reported that the Ministry of land and resources has formed 27 suggestions for land system reform to support urbanization. A more clear signal is that the report on urbanization construction submitted by the State Council to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress recently clarified "the basic ideas for promoting the healthy development of urbanization"

"the bad air is exhausted, the stock market stabilizes and goes up, boosting commodity futures, glass futures oversold and goes up, returning to a reasonable price." This is the overall judgment of Yongan futures Glass Industry Report on the current trend of glass futures

Yongan futures believes that the glass, cement and other building materials industries have gradually entered a positive cycle of inventory reduction and profit improvement, which has a certain positive impact on the commodity market. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index stands at the pressure level of 2000 points again. Although there is still a possibility of shock, it is more likely to continue to rise. Commodity futures are expected to continue to rise. The bull force is strong, and the overall trend remains long

for the future operation of glass, Wanda futures suggests that it is still based on the long idea, and bargain hunters can also continue to hold multiple orders in the early stage according to the new experimental standards. Yong'an futures believes that the recent consolidation should be more than empty, but the glass futures is close to the pressure level of 1400 yuan/ton, and the pressure is strong. It is suggested to approach this point. Long positions can wait and see, and short positions can look for opportunities and short positions. In the future, we need to pay attention to the suppression of the economic downturn risk on the commodity market. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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