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UPS industry ushers in a large-scale "green" tour exhibition

on July 6, China's leading high-end UPS manufacturer and provider, Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng, officially launched a national tour of high-end ups and overall power solutions in Rongcheng Fuzhou. With the theme of focusing on high-end, green collar China, it will last two months and span more than half of China, which is bound to set off a green wave in the whole UPS power industry

focus on high-end green collar China officially launched

it is reported that Kehua Hengsheng will still launch a number of high-efficiency and energy-saving green power products representing the cutting-edge technical level and overall power 3D printing: degradable plastics become a new favorite solution in the 2010 national tour of high-end ups and overall power solutions. During the tour, Kehua Hengsheng will strongly invite a number of power professionals 2 The relative error of the experimental force indication value: ≤± 1% families came to the meeting site to communicate face-to-face with the guests. At the same time, they will also enter the theme Seminar on the application of high-end ups and overall power supply solutions, so as to help the attendees have an in-depth understanding of Kehua Hengsheng's scientific research achievements and product strength, and strive to build a platform for communication, exchange and cooperation between manufacturers and partners, end users. With the opening of Rongcheng exhibition tour, the exhibition will be held in 18 cities including Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an and Shenyang on July 6 and August 26, 2010

it is worth noting that the exhibition tour also unveiled the secret veil of Kehua Hengsheng's efficient, energy-saving and green integrated computer room. According to the relevant person in charge of Kehua Hengsheng, taking the overall computer room system as the ideological framework, through the preset modular system integration method, the integrated cabinet computer room is constructed with modular standard components, including precision power distribution, UPS power supply, battery, PDU, lightning protection, intelligent monitoring, cabinet, cable management, etc. According to the actual application of users, a variety of highly reliable overall computer room solutions are carefully designed and solidified in a few 10 seconds, which are suitable for the information construction of small and medium-sized computer rooms and it infrastructure construction. Since then, the user-centered Kehua Hengsheng overall power solution has entered the substantive application stage. There is reason to believe that Kehua Hengsheng green leader China has another strong green power

why does a UPS enterprise display the flag of green collar China? Linqingmin, deputy general manager of Kehua Hengsheng sales center, revealed that green collar China includes two meanings: first, Kehua Hengsheng guides the future development direction with green and further improves its competitiveness by relying on high-end + green; Second, Kehua advocates the concept of green energy conservation in the industry. As a leading high-end UPS manufacturer in China, it is particularly important to closely combine high-end UPS applications with green energy conservation, so as to achieve win-win results for manufacturers, channels, users and society, and create better economic and social benefits

there is no contradiction between high-end and low-carbon. In 2010, Kehua Hengsheng will launch more green and low-carbon power supply solutions, focusing on the energy conservation of high-end high-power ups. Kehua Hengsheng invited more people from the UPS industry to watch the exhibition, carry out exchanges, and discuss high-end UPS applications and energy-efficient overall power solutions

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