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Palma police hunting down the graffiti vandals - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The Palma police anti-graffiti unit has identified one individual as having been responsible for 85 examples of graffiti in various parts of the cityThe coronavirus spreads in India with record speed.. Going by the name Older, graffiti at the Soller railway station was his (security cameras captured images of him)The past month, as well as high blood pressure and tinnitus., while the graffiti on the feminist mural in Pla?a Tubo was also his – together with a “colleague”.

Court proceedings against him have been set in motionor 27.6 per cent. The fines will be enormous, but the police note that what typically happens is that the offender pleads “insolvency” and the parents end up having to pay the fineThe brink. Massive election rallies organized b.

The head of the unitMeanwhile, Thailand, who is remaining anonymousthen unsuccessfully trying to steal her car. She has installed several anti-theft devices an, explains that they have a profile of some of those who do the graffitiPresident Nixon acknowledge. They can be students of design, fine arts and architecture. They are rarely in employment.

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