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Ink industry has huge development space

after entering 2010, China's printing industry has entered a low profit era. The reshuffle of the industry will shift the center of the printing industry from the East and other coastal cities to the northwest. Under the new round of reshuffle, there will be some high-quality enterprises with strong competitiveness, excellent technology and industrial concentration, and printing enterprises will have a series of large collectivized enterprises and industrial concentration groups. Therefore, if enterprises want to obtain the first opportunity in the future restructuring and M & A, they must always grasp the artery of the industry and the latest technology

the rapid development of China's packaging industry in the past decade has greatly expanded China's ink industry. Ten years ago, the printing plants mainly used offset printing ink, but now they have extended to the coexistence of solvent ink, water-based ink, UV ink, screen printing ink and offset printing ink

water based printing varnish is made of synthetic resin, related additives and water through scientific processing. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, non irritating, non organic volatile, low cost, wide source of materials and so on, which is unmatched by other solvent based glazing oils. Cuilixin said that the water-based polishing oil can eliminate the harm to human body and the pollution to the environment. It has been paid more and more attention by food, medicine and tobacco printing enterprises

with the rapid development of China's national economy, the prosperity of the printing and packaging industry has driven the rapid growth of the ink manufacturing industry, making China rapidly rise to become one of the world's ink manufacturing powers in the recent ten years. At present, the scale of the domestic ink industry is growing rapidly at a rate of more than 10%

the development of the ink industry in recent years has made the industry prosperous. However, it should also be seen that the labor intensity should be reduced as much as possible according to the actual situation of use. The scale of the enterprise is small, and the pressing force of a single enterprise market is 20-30 kg force, which is not high; The ability of technological innovation is not strong; Domestic ink is not environmentally friendly; Insufficient supply of high-end products; The lack of ink technical talents has seriously hindered the development of the ink industry. Therefore, the industry has also taken a series of measures to strengthen and consolidate the development of the ink industry, such as increasing the investment in science and technology of the industry and strengthening the development of environmental friendly ink. The research and development of ink should focus on independent innovation; Strengthen the ink theoretical research and the training of scientific and technological talents, and achieve good results

with the development of packaging industry through adjusting and optimizing industrial structure, the continuous development of ink technology will promote the rapid development of ink, the consumption of ink will continue to increase, and the production of ink will also continue to increase. By the end of 2010, the total consumption of printing ink in China will reach about 430000 tons/year. Ink industry has a huge space for development

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