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Moyun technology obtained tens of millions of yuan of a-round financing from LanChi venture capital, and developed a "virtual hacker robot" to replace manual services

) Beijing] August 9 (Wen/Wang Yanan)

with the reconstruction of IT infrastructure by mobile Internet, the rapid development of IOT, and the implementation of network security laws in all walks of life, China's network information security industry has ushered in a new stage of development, with rapid growth. It is estimated that the compound growth rate of the domestic information security industry in is close to that of the all-round experimental machine, which is generally considered invalid by 25%. In 2021, the overall scale of the industry (security hardware, security software and security services in total) will exceed 62billion

the security industry is transforming from software and hardware product mode to service mode. The scale of domestic security service business is expected to exceed 20billion in 2021

lieyun learned today that Moyun technology, a network security company, uses the development direction of human Jinan four ball machine to simulate hacker intrusion and verify the effectiveness of user security control. Whether the current prosperity of the network spandex industry still exists is a variable security company. Today, it officially announced that it has completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investor is LanChi venture capital

like robots in other industries gradually replacing human beings, the core product of Moyun technology is vackbot "virtual hacker robot", a revolutionary innovation that combines machine learning with network security technology. Moyun is committed to the way of network security verification, gradually changing the current network security verification from "manual service" to "robot service" and "manual service" as a supplement,

to alleviate the current shortage of security professionals, so that real security experts can let go of their daily complex and high-intensity work to robots, and devote more energy to network security architecture and new threats and new technologies

the project was founded by Liu Bing, who has 15 years of experience in network safety industry. According to Moyun technology, at present, there are two major pain points in the network security industry:

first, the lack of effective verification means: many users have invested a lot of money to purchase various security equipment and systems, but lack of scientific

effective verification means to judge the effectiveness of their security control and the rationality of their security investment

second, relying too much on the human software interface has three language working methods: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English: in the field of network security attack and defense, it is basically the traditional information security service provider's manual penetration test mode with white hat hackers, but there are many deficiencies in the delivery mode, work efficiency, degree of standardization, behavior and data controllability

in the face of these pain points, Moyun technology pioneered the core product vackbot "virtual hacker robot" in the world, which combines AI with network security technology to realize the replacement of artificial security services by hacker robots

vackbot "virtual hacker robot" analyzes and evaluates the security situation of the enterprise from the perspective of "real hackers", carefully quantifies and evaluates risks, verifies the effectiveness of users' current security control means, helps users locate important security problems that need to be prioritized and puts forward solutions

then, how can the "virtual hacker robot" of vackbot discover vulnerabilities and attack methods before hackers invade? Hunting cloud learned that under the authorization of the user, Moyun technology dynamically generates the attack path chain by using the "hacker script" in the real environment, actively and continuously simulates the intrusion, so as to find the vulnerabilities and attack methods before the real hacker intrusion, and show the fragility of the whole chain for the user

however, what vackbot pursues is not the number of vulnerabilities that the vulnerability scanning tool focuses on, but the key vulnerabilities that will be exploited by the

attacker to further invade. Vackbot identifies and exploits these vulnerabilities, and uses

as a springboard. Relying on the dark cloud security brain attack knowledge map behind the vackbot, it looks for and uses the attack means matching the actual scene to further penetrate into a deeper level, so as to form an attack path chain and achieve in-depth security verification

talking about the reasons for investment, chenweiguang, managing partner of LanChi venture capital, said, "as more enterprises access the Internet, IOT, blockchain and hardware, the traditional defensive security measures will face great challenges and complexity. Enterprises need to proactively predict the security risks of the existing IT architecture through a more in-depth learning ability, which is also the main reason for LanChi venture capital to invest in the dark cloud."

at present, Moyun technology has been implemented in finance, operators, Internet, manufacturing, blockchain and other industries

ceo Liu Bing graduated from Huazhong University of science and technology. He once served as the general manager of Digital China Security Division and the general manager of security product line; Its annual business volume is 500million yuan. In the team, the R & D core competence comes from

large Internet companies; The product management capability comes from large well-known original manufacturers; Industry service capabilities come from large integrated service providers

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