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Big world ink: adhere to mechanical automation to create nylon ink experts

over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, earth shaking changes have taken place in China. Driven by the tide of reform and opening up, all walks of life in China have won rapid development, and the silk printing industry is no exception. Various printing enterprises are constantly changing their ideas, strengthening enterprise management, deepening system reform, and seeking survival and development in a competitive environment. After more than 30 years of efforts, many have developed into famous brand enterprises. At that time, the big world ink, which came from Taiwan to the mainland to invest and build factories in the spring breeze of reform, can be said to be a brand model growing up in this tide. Recently, there is no doubt that Huicong silk screen special printing has entered the development trend of new energy vehicles. Together with Mr. guoqibang, deputy general manager of big world ink, we reviewed the ups and downs of big world and shared the company's development plan

taking advantage of the policy to enter the mainland market

it may be that the mainland market has been closed for too long before, and there are few choices in industrial products, so it is in an era of a seller's market. Where are the prices of digital display and microcomputer products in the world? Just to meet the needs of the mainland market, buyers enjoy preferential treatment for purchasing spare parts

the development of the world ink is deeply branded with the times

In the 1980s, China began the pace of reform and opening up, and the mainland market was open to the world. At the same time, in the late 1980s, Taiwan began to open to the mainland to visit relatives. The founder of big world took advantage of this opportunity to carefully understand and investigate the market situation, and officially set up a factory in Dongguan in 1990. That is, since then, the Taiwan world has begun to gallop in the mainland market

according to Mr. guoqibang, after Dongguan gradually opened up, manufacturing industries from Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas, which have a large demand for labor, have gathered here one after another, and upstream, middle and downstream enterprises that have gradually attracted related industries have also gathered here, forming a cluster effect. As far as the market is concerned, it may be that the mainland market has been closed for too long before, and there are not many choices in industrial products. For industrial products from Taiwan, such as the big world, they all feel very useful, and the market response is very good. Products are basically in short supply, in an era of seller's market. At that time, there was little competition, and domestic products could hardly compete with enterprises in Taiwan and Hong Kong

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