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Inkjet printing technology provides product security solutions (III)

other variable information printing technologies

inkjet printing is not the only technology that can be used to print variable information. Magnetic printing using magnetic particle transfer technology is another example of digital printing technology suitable for printing continuous or discontinuous bar codes

in magnetic printing technology, the magnetic image on a special coated magnetic roller is responsible for the imaging process. When the magnetic part of the coating attracts particles, the image is transferred from the roller to the paper

nipson, the manufacturer of magnetic printing machine, has combined magnetic printing and cold flash toner melting technology. This method uses light burst technology rather than heat to melt the toner onto the substrate. The energy is absorbed by the black toner, which is the result of the reflection of the substrate, so obtaining heat energy is not a problem. Although magnetic printing may have greater advantages than digital printing technology using thermal energy, because ink-jet printing does not need thermal energy, magnetic printing technology does not have an absolute advantage over ink-jet technology. And because magnetic printing uses toner, it is not as easy to use as inkjet technology for marking labels

it should also be noted that magnetic printing can only print black-and-white images so far. But at the same time, it can print high-resolution images at a very fast speed

laser is another technology that can be used for continuous or discontinuous barcode and matrix two-dimensional barcode printing. This solution can almost always produce accurate barcodes because no ink is used when printing barcodes with lasers. With laser coding technology, manufacturers do not need to worry about stains, dirty print heads or food contact pollution. However, laser printers are much more expensive than ink-jet printers, and they are more troublesome to maintain. Moreover, because laser printing uses marking instead of printing, laser is not applicable to marking labels

etangent patent pending system

in the pharmaceutical market, the brand security company in New York has developed a system that can use inkjet or laser printing equipment to produce pharmaceutical products with tracking function. Secure symbol and the medical technology and service division of cartina health institution jointly carried out a pilot experiment to observe the application of SSI's continuous bar code technology in the pharmaceutical market

cartina health, which provides top medical services to pharmaceutical companies, has launched an anti counterfeit packaging campaign for the pharmaceutical market in the past year. They provide a large number of public and secret packaging solutions, as well as RFID tag and tracking solutions provided by their partner SSI. However, at the time of press release, SSI did not disclose the start time of the pilot program with cartina

ssi has a patent pending system called etangent, which can provide a method for pharmaceutical companies to mark continuous bar codes in the state of a single product. The pharmaceutical company can combine European commodity number/universal product code (ean/upc), batch number, product expiry date and US National Drug Code (NDC) into one printing area. Electronic product codes (EPCs) that can link up the differences between bar codes and RFID can also be used. And the bar code false advertisement redefines that "telling stories" can be printed at a very high speed by inkjet or laser in a frivolous and fashionable way

Ron barenburg, technical sales and marketing director of SSI, said that so far, no company has provided a solution to print continuous codes, verify them and obtain data in the database without reducing production speed

etangent system also allows authorized persons, such as pharmacists, to use the database established on the Internet platform. As long as the ean/upc scanner is used to scan the bar code, the pharmacist can obtain the electronic genealogy of the product

using inkjet printing technology, manufacturers can print matrix two-dimensional bar codes that can be recognized by computers and visible under UV light on similar plastic medical bottle caps

the database contains the "family" spectrum of drug transportation in all packaging forms, including single dose, carton, tray and container packaging forms. The information in the barcode includes the product packaging history. Barenburg said that genealogy can always be used to track the original manufacturer from the drugstore, whether it is directly packed or repackaged for transportation. "The important thing is that it can be used anywhere in the world without any additional equipment," barenburg said. "No new software or hardware is required."

barenburg also pointed out that customers can add another layer of security measures to the product by adding a hidden or legally regulated function to the product. You can use UV ink or infrared ink or ink containing safety marking components to make bar codes

in the battle to provide authentic products to the market, safety is crucial. Inkjet coding technology can provide a simple, improved and relatively low-cost way to ensure the security of the supply chain

inkjet technology can print a variety of tracking characteristics. Bar code can not only play a role in the fight against counterfeiting and fleeing goods, but also simplify product recall, product quality monitoring and internal product tracking. These inkjet printed barcodes vary in shape and size, and can also be public or hidden. Moreover, a bar code can be regarded as the main security defense measure for a package. The profits of petroleum processing, chemical industry, building materials, nonferrous metals and other industries increased by 25.12%, 25.64%, 17.81%, 125.22% and 18.9% respectively. However, in order to meet the requirements for maximum product protection, some brand manufacturers will choose the combination of tracking barcode and holographic or other forms with security functions

information source: packagingbest China

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