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Yangzi Petrochemical solves the operation problems of PTA dryer industry

after a long-term technical breakthrough, Yangzi Petrochemical chemical plant has successfully solved the operation problems of PTA dryer, and the operation cycle of dryer has been extended from 3 months to more than 8 months, which is called yielding, becoming the leading level in the industry

dryer is the key equipment of PTA plant. Due to the influence of design, operation and other factors, after a period of long-term operation of the dryer, the row of pipes at the inlet end of the dryer are charged, the circulating carrier gas channel is blocked, and the internal pressure of the dryer rises, which eventually leads to the current fluctuation of the screw conveyor at the feeding end of the dryer, and the dryer has to be shut down for alkaline washing. To this end, the chemical plant research team deeply analyzed the reasons for the material deposition in the dryer tube and the blockage of the carrier gas channel, and formulated improvement measures from the five main aspects of reducing the amount of packaging waste, method and environment

the research team starts from the source to improve the filtration effect of the filter and slow down the wall formation of the dryer. They controlled the acetic acid washing flow of the two filters separately to achieve one-to-one operation and accurate measurement; The washing liquid nozzle of the filter is modified to improve the atomization effect of the washing liquid. The washing liquid is transformed from the original column into a fan after the action of the nozzle, and the ash in the product is controlled; In the regeneration area of the filter, the acetic acid and steam combined washing spray of the filter is added to improve the filtering and regeneration effect and reduce the moisture content of the filter cake; The running speed and speed regulation of the filter realize remote digital monitoring and control

secondly, the research team formulated a series of measures to eliminate the wall blockage of the dryer row. In view of the high temperature of the feeding buffer tank of the filter, which causes the short operation cycle of the filter cloth, the unsmooth overflow pipeline, the increase of the moisture content of the filter blanking, and the easy wall formation of the dryer, the research team improved the vent pipeline, ensured the smoothness of the vent pipeline, eliminated the unsmooth overflow of the filter, and effectively controlled the temperature of the feeding buffer tank of the filter; In view of the problem that the heating steam condensate of the dryer needs to be removed and cleaned at this time, which leads to insufficient heating of materials and easy wall formation of the dryer's pipes, the research team has added condensate buffer tanks in the dryer's condensate system, added bypass to the liquid level control valve, and changed the liquid level control from the original drain valve to the pneumatic control valve, so as to improve the heating effect of materials and prevent wall formation of the dryer's pipes; In view of the blockage of the exhaust cap of the dryer, the research team modified the exhaust cap to expand the aperture and make the exhaust of the exhaust cap unblocked; Add an observation hole for the inclined pipe of the dryer chimney, clean up the material in the inclined pipe, and ensure that the circulating carrier gas of the dryer is unblocked

after long-term analysis and exploration, the research team found a method to eliminate the wall formation of the dryer, which greatly reduced the wall formation of the dryer, extended the high-load operation, and the operation cycle from the original 3 months to more than 8 months now

previously, the carrier gas heater of the dryer was charged, causing the circulation of carrier gas in the dryer to be blocked, the internal pressure of the dryer to rise, and the switching and cleaning of the heater were all entrusted to a professional company for jet cleaning. At present, Yangzi chemical plant has also developed and applied the dilute alkali rapid cleaning method, which is simple and effective, and the post staff can complete it alone, saving more than 50000 yuan of mechanical jet cleaning cost every year

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