The hottest Yangzi Petrochemical PE shutdown maint

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Yangzi Petrochemical PE plant will be shut down for maintenance today. It is estimated that the maintenance time will be about 20 days. 7042 produced in the early stage is quoted at 10300 yuan/ton, 1801 at 10350 yuan/ton. 1 because some rib steel production enterprises have nothing to do with the operation of the experimental machine, personnel are not allowed to operate the experimental machine industry to improve the strength of rib steel through the water penetration process. 802 is quoted at 10400 yuan/ton, 5306j at 11100 yuan/ton, 5301b at 11050 yuan/ton, 5000S at 11000 yuan/ton, The quotation of 7000F is 10550 yuan/ton, the manufacturer is basically out of stock, and the sales situation is OK

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