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Yanqi Lake APEC conference center glass all bulletproof

on Yanqi lake, 50 kilometers away from the center of Beijing, the main venue of the 2014 APEC informal leaders' meeting to achieve mass production is under intense construction. Zhao Huimin, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Beijing municipal government, announced yesterday that Beijing will host the 2014 APEC leaders' informal meeting, which will be held at Yanqi lake

the glass curtain wall of the conference center is all bulletproof

yesterday afternoon, I came to the core island of Yanqi lake. The main framework of the International Conference Center, boutique hotel and 12 VIP villas on the island has been completed. The top of the conference center is five pointed star shaped, and the hotel is like an upright egg

at present, the external construction of the International Conference Center has been completed and the internal decoration is under way. According to the on-site construction personnel, the International Conference Center is divided into three floors, including a basement and a mezzanine between the first and second floors, which is intended to be used as an office area. On the first floor of the conference center, the marble floor has been paved, and the spotlight on the roof has been installed and is being debugged. At the construction site, the workers are improving the internal facilities, in which each door is inlaid with ② industrial policy support, and a circle of 7.6cm wide copper strip is inlaid as decoration

we can see that the glass curtain wall being installed in the conference center is 3cm thick. The staff said that this is a special bulletproof glass, which is used in the whole conference center, and the safety factor is very high

12 VIP villas are under internal decoration

another major building on the core Island - 12 VIP villas have also entered the stage of internal decoration. The building area of each villa is about 5000 to 8000 square meters. The above ground part is equipped with banquet hall, conference room, presidential home, VIP reception room, attendant room, etc., while the underground part is equipped with entertainment and leisure area, fitness area, indoor swimming pool, kitchen and other ancillary facilities. A worker in charge of the construction of villa 3 said that because the internal decoration is complex, there are about 40 workers in each villa

land access is built over the island to connect with the outside world

Yanqi island also plans to have a helipad, which will open the air corridor connecting Yanqi island with the outside world. In addition, according to media reports, Yanqi island is also connected to the outside world through a new highway bridge. Fanqi Road, which is connected with this new road and bridge, is being widened. The total shrinkage is the result of the combined action of two kinds of reverse shrinkage

after the opening of the "international metropolis", drive out of the Jingcheng Expressway from the Huairou exit, and then drive on to Fanqi road through the connecting line. After more than ten minutes, you can often clean the jaw and arrive at Yanqi island

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