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Yangzi Petrochemical membrane separation ethylene technology transformation project was successfully put into operation

on November 7, with the opening of the air inlet valve of the membrane recovery unit, the discharge gas source of Yangzi Petrochemical Ethylene Glycol Unit continued to enter the membrane recovery unit, marking the successful operation of the membrane recovery ethylene technology transformation project of the unit. Up to now, the operation data of the device shows that the hourly tail gas recovery of the device is about 300 standard cubic meters, and the recovery rate reaches 85% - 90%. This technology is advanced, realizing energy conservation and emission reduction, and turning waste into treasure. It is estimated that the annual efficiency increase is about 5million yuan

in the ethylene glycol production process, argon enters the circulating gas system of the unit along with the oxygen feed gas. When the argon accumulates to a certain concentration, it will pose a threat to the safety production of the ethylene glycol unit. Therefore, the total concentration of argon and oxygen can be controlled by discharging part of the circulating gas upstream of the circulating gas compressor of the system into the heating furnace for incineration. However, the recycle gas contains a certain amount of ethylene raw material, which causes a waste of ethylene resources in the process of emission. At present, in the production process of Yangzi petrochemical ethylene glycol unit, the total amount of exhaust gas per hour from units 1 and 2 is about 400 standard cubic meters, of which the ethylene concentration is about 27%

4. The vulnerable parts and consumables of the equipment are supplied all year round to ensure that the instrument can be used for a long time

in order to turn waste into treasure, the membrane separation and recovery technology of ethylene has been widely used in the domestic ethylene glycol industry in recent years. Its basic principle is to make use of the characteristics of the preferential permeability of the special polymer membrane to ethylene, so that the mixture of ethylene, argon and nitrogen can pass through the membrane selectively under the promotion of a certain pressure difference, The ethylene in the mixture is preferentially enriched and recovered through the membrane, while nitrogen and argon are selectively intercepted, so as to achieve the purpose of separation

in order to fully recover the ethylene products in the exhaust gas and further reduce the material consumption of the unit, Yangzi Petrochemical learns from the successful experience of domestic ethylene glycol peers and adopts the membrane organic steam recovery technology developed by Dalian Ouke Membrane Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. this technology is advanced, mature and reliable, with the advantages of organic solvent resistance, high pressure resistance, high separation performance, safe, reliable, flexible operation, simple equipment Small footprint, energy saving and environmental protection; In industrial applications, some domestic enterprises have begun to gradually master independent intellectual property rights and gradually gain competitive potential in some fields; However, it has been proved that it has the characteristics of high ethylene recovery rate and short investment recovery period. While recovering ethylene, it also recovers part of methane. The high temperature resistance test method ga211 ⑴ 999 of fire smoke exhaust fan has excellent reliability and economy.

Yangzi Petrochemical has carried out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Dalian Ouke Membrane Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., and combined with the characteristics of Yangzi plant, it has customized the membrane separation and recovery ethylene unit, The unit is mainly divided into feed gas pretreatment part and membrane separation part. A total of 9 membrane separators are designed in parallel. The number of membrane separators can be determined according to the amount of feed gas recovered. The designed maximum recovered gas volume is 820 standard cubic meters per hour. The project was started in September this year. In order to speed up the construction of the project, Yangzi Petrochemical, together with the project design, construction, supervision units and equipment manufacturers, scientifically organized, coordinated, closely cooperated, accelerated the project process, intensified efforts, and accelerated the pace of construction. A membrane recovery unit was built in two months

on November 7, the project was started successfully. So far, the recovery unit has operated smoothly and normally, and the recovery effect is good. It is in the lead in China and how to eliminate these faults

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