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Energy storage for peak shaving is more economical than gas-fired power generation? California plans to give energy storage a chance

yesterday, the guidance for the energy storage industry finally came into effect. A new spirit is to simplify the management procedures of energy storage investment. Some policy documents clarify the future development ideas of the industry. The opinion points out that "for independent energy storage projects, except those already stipulated in the catalogue of investment projects approved by the government, the filing system will be implemented"

the direction of energy storage has been set, and parity has undoubtedly become a more urgent goal. On September 30, the governor of California also signed a new bill aimed at saving administrative costs of energy storage projects

on the day before the new California act, Casio, the California electricity dispatching agency, also submitted a document to the CEC of the California Energy Commission, suggesting that the current cost bottom line of energy storage be tested through competitive bidding, so as to decide whether to use it as a new alternative to peak shaving of gas-fired power generation

the utility company SCE passed the procurement plan of the new gas-fired power plant in Puente many years ago to solve the future power reliability problem of the central coast of California, but now it seems that this new gas-fired power plant may never see light

as the project certification body of Puente gas-fired power plant, the relevant members of CEC revealed some views on the dispute of the project last Thursday, which is worthy of attention

"we are very clear that the project will be inconsistent with a number of laws, regulations and standards, and will have significant inevitable environmental impacts," members janeascott and karendouglas said. "This will require us to consider feasible alternatives to avoid or reduce these impacts and inconsistencies."

at this time, Puente gas-fired power generation project has started. According to the previous regulations, Puente gas-fired power plant cannot be completed and put into operation until the summer of 2021 at the latest

Puente gas power plant may be stillborn. In recent years, energy storage and other distributed energy resources have gradually developed and proven their rapid response to the demand for electrical reliability. This perspective of world performance is particularly important. First of all, clean energy advocates, environmentalists and Oxnard City, where the project is located, have a cleaner choice to oppose these new gas-fired power plants

in terms of economy, the energy storage industry has long said that it has the ability to replace these new peak shaving resources that will cost a lot of money but rarely operate, but there has been no opportunity to prove this. This situation is also changing, and CAISO, an independent electric operator in California, is beginning to accept this possibility

caiso found in a study in August that energy storage and distributed resources can also meet the reliability technical requirements of local electricity, but the cost of energy storage will be higher, which is 2.7 times that of gas turbines

the GTM report points out that the energy storage price data used in this study (Navigant 2014 data) is outdated, thus overestimating the cost of energy storage solutions relative to natural gas power generation

subsequently, CAISO submitted a document on September 29, indicating that the only way to know how much energy storage and distributed resource alternatives will cost is to run a new quotation request to make the industry competitive, the same as 4 Place the cleaned samples orderly in the sample basket and put them safely into the cooling tank, taking into account the external cost of the environment

"economically feasible options are not necessarily the cheapest options, especially considering the unique environmental impact and performance issues of each portfolio." CAISO said in this document, "if possible, we can make an urgent quotation before the summer of the next year of 202, so as to better adjust resources online."

it is the prompt of "expediting" in this document that makes CEC members begin to make statements. CEC has the right to assess the environmental impact of power plants approved by CPUC of the California Public Utilities Commission, and CAISO will provide advice based on its expertise

"although there is no news about whether to speed up the quotation at present, the time node determined by CAISO makes us decide to carefully convey the position of the committee before making a final decision." CEC said

according to the data, gas turbines usually have a service life of several decades, and the "these inevitable environmental impacts" considered by the committee members have become even more important

the matter is still inconclusive, and there are complex relations between the U.S. energy agencies

shaylekann, vice president of GTM research department, said, "CAISO has more say in the impression than almost any organization, because Caio operates electricity and maintains its reliability. Let people bid for what you need. If Caio thinks there is enough time to run new quotation requests, why not?"

however, the CEC has not yet reached a conclusion. Members janeascott and Karen Douglas still need to formalize their opinions in the proposed decision, collect opinions and feed them back to the whole committee to make a final decision

puente gas-fired power plant is not dead, but its prospects have been significantly bleak. The question now is how other institutions will react to this unusual statement of CEC, including CPUC and SCE, whether it will really make the bidding expected by CAISO happen

however, some people have begun to interpret the CEC members' statement this time, which is considered to pave the way for the final statement that they prefer to cancel the Puente project. It is being hinted that the energy storage industry is seizing the opportunity to quickly launch a bid

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